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Olga Kemezh
Olga Kemezh

on Sep 22,2011

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I have visited the restaurant with my mom in june 2007 for the first time, and it left such a big impression on me, that once i was in Paris, my first desire was to visit particularly this restaurant. I do not speak French, so it was really great that the personal was able to speak with me in English. I have chosen surprise menu with 1 glass of wine. I did not wait entering the dark room for a long time. I was a bit worrying that the second time will not be so perfect as the first time, as, you know, second impression can be totally different. I was introduced to my waitress Fazia, and we entered the dark room. I was placed very close to a small company of people, and as i was alone, we struck up a conversation. The food was really delicious, and the wine just perfect! I had no idea what i was eating, and it was exciting. At the moment i was dining and having a pleasant conversation with people nex to mine, i realized that the second time is even better that the first! You know how to eat (actually i was eating with my hands, as it is more comfortable), you are not afraid of this pitch darkness, you just let all your senses, but sight, to work harder, if i can say like this=) Fazia was really nice and attentive and was coming to me at the first call. She made my second experience just great! I can say that it is not so expensive, as i read in previous reviews, as the experience, food, service and atmosphere totally justify the price! If you want to try something really unique, something that will leave a huge impression not only on your senses but also on your heart, you should definitely visit Dans le Noir! I had a great time and if i will be in Paris one more time (i believe i will!!), i will visit this restaurant without any doubt!

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