Why Explorra

Our goal is to be the first place where people go when they think of their next vacation.

Explorra is driven out of passion for travel and software.

For many years we've wanted to build a travel website which would live up to our expectations, and this is our first shot.

It's been a very long and hard journey, already, to establish the platform we're building on and a roadmap for where we want to be. About 7 years of building software for the travel industry is what's brought us here.

Where is Explorra going?

Around the world :-).

For You

We're expanding our destination range (several hundred fold), we're adding new exciting features (Trip Planner, Widgets, Social travel applications, etc). Iphone App? Yes. Android App? Yes.

Tell us what you really need. We listen.

Tourism Boards

Send us what you need promoted and we'll do it with pleasure (and sugar on top). Just ensure that all your content is substantially accompanied by high quality photographs.

Working with Travel Suppliers

  • Biggies - yep (large travel agencies). We've got it covered, and adding more suppliers all the time. Are you a large travel agency? Get in touch
  • Local (smaller) travel agencies. We'd love to hear from you and work together.


Explorra has a full service API and we're looking for new partners and opportunities. Register as a developer or get in touch for a partnership opportunity.

Our Platform

Explorra is built on TravelConnect, a technology platform built with passion by Lateral Inc.