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You've asked yourself at least once in your life how does it feel like not being able to see a thing. Dans Le Noir offers you this unique experience: you can now serve your meal in complete darkness, gripping and completing the flavor of your food with all your other senses, without even being blind-folded. So that the darkness is complete, you will be asked to place all potential sources of light such as cigarettes, lighters, watches, cell phones or cameras in lockers. This place really gives you a inside of what it feels like being sightless, so guess what? You will have to completely trust your waitress, that is actually blind. You're pretty much in a dark world now, so you will have to give them all the credit.

Your order will be taken in a lighted area, and the menus are color coded: red (for meat lovers), blue (for fish lovers), green (for vegetarians) and white (surprise menu from the chef).

So if you will decide to give this experience a try, you will be amazed to understand a little bit more about the way your body completes 'taste' using and combining all your senses.

Remember that in the dark room it doesn't matter who you are or where you work, how tall you are or how your hair looks like. All those that accept to deprive their bodies from one sense become equal in the dark where social differences are not an issue.

You might find this experience amusing, but when you come but into the light, remember that there are people that live all their lives Dans le noir. This way, you will surely start seeing life in a different light and this experience will be more than a fun dinner. It could change your perspective!

Quite an original place to go on a -literary- bind-date, isn't it?

Contact & location

51, rue Quincampoix, Paris, France

01 42 77 98 04

1 Review

Olga Kemezh
Olga Kemezh

on Sep 22,2011

I liked

I have visited the restaurant with my mom in june 2007 for the first time, and it left such a big impression on me, that once i was in Paris, my first desire was to visit particularly this restaurant. I do not speak French, so it was really great that the personal was able to speak with me in English. I have chosen surprise menu with 1 glass of wine. I did not wait entering the dark room for a long time. I was a bit worrying that the second time will not be so perfect as the first time, as, you know, second impression can be totally different. I was introduced to my waitress Fazia, and we entered the dark room. I was placed very close to a small company of people, and as i was alone, we struck up a conversation. The food was really delicious, and the wine just perfect! I had no idea what i was eating, and it was exciting. At the moment i was dining and having a pleasant conversation with people nex to mine, i realized that the second time is even better that the first! You know how to eat (actually i was eating with my hands, as it is more comfortable), you are not afraid of this pitch darkness, you just let all your senses, but sight, to work harder, if i can say like this=) Fazia was really nice and attentive and was coming to me at the first call. She made my second experience just great! I can say that it is not so expensive, as i read in previous reviews, as the experience, food, service and atmosphere totally justify the price! If you want to try something really unique, something that will leave a huge impression not only on your senses but also on your heart, you should definitely visit Dans le Noir! I had a great time and if i will be in Paris one more time (i believe i will!!), i will visit this restaurant without any doubt!

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