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The Facts
Flight timefrom UK: 16hrs; from US: 8hrs
Ideal length7 Days
PriceFrom £2,999
When to goApril - November

Look forward to...

Spending time feasting on the legendary views of El Misit as you wonder through the mesmerising city of Arequipa.

Seeing some of the world’s most mysterious cultural art fom the air.

Riding on horse-back through the depths of the Colca Canyon. The silence of the canyon is as memorable as the views. Incredible.

Watching eagles soar above the Colca Canyon.

Peru and The Inca Trail are practically synonymous these days; it seems that in our minds one doesn’t come without the other - kind of like cheese and pickle or Friday evening and beers.  So we thought, how about trying something new? Much more rewarding than a Friday without beers, why not try pairing Peru and the Colca Canyon?  Go on, we dare you.

the road less travelled

We have remixed the typical Peruvian journey, swapping the well-known Inca Trail with two alternative mind-blowing experiences. When a country has so much to offer, why stick with one trail? Fly into Lima and head for some of the oldest and most mysterious cultural art still visible to man: the Nasca Lines.

nasca lines

Flying over the Pampa desert in your private light aircraft, you’ll see the enormous lines below create 300 intriguing figures in the sand which have sparked hundreds of theories over the centuries. Join in the debate about the source of thier existence as you soar over enigmatic shapes of humans, animals and birds. You’ll also have the chance to experience the stunning ‘white city’ Arequipa, whose beautiful buildings are famously carved from local pale volcanic rock and are overlooked by the magnificent snow-capped volcano, El Misti.


natural highs

It's all about altitude in Peru so, naturally, your next stop is one of the deepest canyons on earth. Not for the fainthearted, at 9800 feet the Colca Canyon is deeper than the world-famous Grand Canyon and is easily visible from space (perhaps that should be your next adventure?). Hike through beautiful pre-Inca terraces and colonial villages dotted around the dramatic landscape which is home to amazing wildlife including the largest bird in the world: the Andean Condor. Stay in your own private casita high in the Andes in a traditional village sprawled over 25 hectares of land in this spiritual valley. Totally peaceful and utterly unique.

These two Peruvian secrets combine perfectly to prove Peru has got a whole lot more to offer than the Inca Trail. So step off the bandwagon and grab some quince jelly, or even better, jump on a flight to Lima on a Friday evening and leave the regular beers to the others. Trust us, you won’t regret it.


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