Stockholm vid Djurgårdsbron
photo by Per Ola Wiberg

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Ville Simonen
Ville Simonen

on Sep 12,2010

I liked

+Stockholm +many people speak English +mostly easy going people +Östersund +clean nature and air

I disliked

-somewhat expensive (except if you compare to Norway) -visible immigration problems in some cities -cockiness of people, particularly towards (country) neighbors -countryside restaurants

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Swedish, large Finnish speaking minority (470 000, RUAB 2005), most people speak English - Swedish Krona (SEK)
Area450,295 km2
Electricity230V/50Hz (European plug)
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy
Population9,067,049 (March 2006)
Religion76% Lutheran, 23% Atheist, small amount of Catholic, Orthodox, and Muslim immigrant communities
TimezoneUTC +1