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Split is a city in Central Dalmatia, Croatia. The city was originally built around the Diocletian palace (a palace/fort built for the retired Roman emperor Diocletian) where the locals sought refuge centuries ago. Wandering the historic center of Split you can still clearly see the Roman walls, squares, and temples.


The most interesting part of Split is the historic center built within the walls of the former Roman palace. This centre is a few minutes walk from the ferry terminals and from the intercity bus station.

Getting there

By plane

Split Airport (IATA : SPU) (ICAO : LDSP) is, after Zagreb Airport, the most important in Croatia. Scheduled services fly to major European cities, with summer charter flights from more. The airport is about 25 km west from Split, near the city of Trogir. It has free WiFi internet. Airport buses run from the terminal to the city and stop at the eastern end of 'Riva'. A single ticket costs 30 kunas. Local buses run from the road outside the terminal -- walk through the parking lot and go to the bus stop on the other side of the road. Bus number 37 runs about every half an hour and costs 16 kunas (tickets are bought from the bus driver). Bus 37 does not take you all the way to the historical center and you need to switch to bus 9 or 10, or just walk a few hundred meters along the larger road that runs by the bus stop (stops for buses 9 and 10 are also by this road). In addition, a small fraction of the departures from Split main bus station to Trogir on work days use the road next to the airport. In the on-line timetables search for ZRAČNA L.-AIRPORT (but take into account that the timetable is not necessarily 100% correct). Going to the airport, onboard the bus tell the conductor that you want a stop at the airport.

A shuttle bus run by Pleso Transport Company operates between the airport and the city center, but, since the shuttle bus operates according to Croatia Airlines flight schedule, it is only convenient if you are arriving/departing with Croatia Airlines flight. A single ticket costs 30kn (about 4eur). As of April 2010, it appears as if the shuttle bus meets all scheduled arriving flights even those not from Croatia Airlines. When exiting the terminal go to your right and you should see the buses.

Taxis will also take you into town.

If leaving Split by plane, be careful to plan the journey to the airport in advance, as local buses stop running fairly early in the day, and the direct airport buses only run every 90 minutes before particular flights.

By train

Split train station is right in the city center, it is a few minutes walk from the port and from the old town. Expect very friendly grannies to be waiting with signs saying "Sobe" (rooms) at all arrivals and they will jump on anyone with a backpack. The train station is rather basic, because train travel is not much used to Split.

Trains run between Split and Zagreb, Split and Perković (where you can change for Šibenik). Timetables can be found from Croatian Railways website .

Trains to Perković through the picturesque valley/village of Primorski Dolac depart 5 times a day and stop in every station taking 1 hour exactly to do the journey. This is a very picturesque journey to make, and although Perković is simply a collection of houses you could get off and have a coffee or go for a walk in the hills before returning to Split. Connecting Trains leave Perković for Šibenik several times a day, and should be marked on the timetable in Split station.

By bus

Frequent buses run to and from Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Sibenik, Zadar, Rijeka etc. There are also a few buses a day to and from Mostar and Sarajevo you can get detailed information on [AK Split ] about departure and arrival times.

On all intercity buses you pay a fee for luggage. This fee of about 0.5 to 1 euro per piece of luggage is paid to the driver upon boarding. Some drivers are rather picky about being paid in exact change in the correct currency (sometimes a local currency, at other instances requesting to be paid in euros) and sometimes also refuse to be paid in too small coins. So keep some change ready.

Local buses run to and from Trogir and Solin.

By boat

Ferries run three times a week across the Adriatic to and from Ancona and Pescara (Italy). There is also a large ferry that runs twice a week up and down the coast between Dubrovnik and Rijeka, stopping off at a couple of islands along the way. For ferry timetable check

Local Boats - Split is the main hub for local boats and hydrofoils in Central Dalmatia. Several a day run to and from Brac, Hvar, Solta, Vis, Korčula and Lastovo.

  • SEM Marina

  • Split Tours

  • Split excursions

  • Adria Lines

Traveling around

Central Split is quite compact and most sights can be easily seen and best experienced on foot, but there are frequent local buses to outlying attractions and the airport.

  • Diocletian Palace tour . An informative and relaxed walk, in a small-group setting through which you can explore Diocletian Palace – one of a kind Imperial Palace that was enlisted in UNESCO’s World Heritage since it’s one of the most significant original structures of the late ancient architecture. 80 kn per person Start point is Perystile - (in front of the tourist office) Look for the blue panel or blue umbrella. Departure: every day at 10.30, 12.00, 14.00, 19.00 to go on a Diocletian palace tour. Tickets are available only on the spot from your guide.

  • Split Bike tour For those who want to discover Split in a relaxed way we offer daily guided tours that lead you to all «must see» places. You will visit: Riva, old harbour Matejuška, Sustipan, Mestrović Gallery, Marjan Park where you will enjoy great panoramic view and many more… every day at 18.30 from Riva ( Split promenade)

By car

  • Rent a car Split NOVASplit, Obala kneza Domagoja bb Tel. +385 98 983 69 50. Quality car rental, transfers and chauffer drive with low prices.

By bus

Most of the city buses in Split are new, but some are very old and dilapidated. Tickets can be bought at kiosks or from the bus driver. Only single-journey tickets can be bought in buses. Ticket prices for the first zone (the city proper) are:

  • Single ticket (bought in bus) - 10 kn

  • Single ticket (bought at kiosk) - 8 kn

  • Ticket for two journeys ('Pojedinačna karta za dva putovanja') - 16 kn

  • Set of five double tickets ('Pretplatna Karnet karta') - 75 kn

  • Monthly ticket ('mjesečna pokazna karta') - 260 kn When you board the bus you must validate your ticket in the yellow machine or give it to the driver for validation.

Inspection of tickets is relatively rare. Even if you are caught without a ticket, you will probably just be told to leave the bus at the next stop.


  • Diocletian Palace (UNESCO heritage site) - The historic center of Split is built around the remains of this Roman palace. You only need to wander around to experience it but you can also pay to visit the excavated remains of the basement of the palace. The palace has well preserved main streets cardo and decumanus. Roman palace is enriched with some gothic and reinassance buildings which makes a perfect match. Palace has 4 monumental gates Porta Aurea (Zlatna vrata, Golden gate), Porta Argenta (Srebrna vrata, Silver gate), Porta Ferrea (Željezna vrata, Iron gate) and Porta Aenea (Mjedena vrata). It is probably the best preserved Roman palace in general.

  • St. Duje's cathedral - Originally built around 305. A.D. as a mausoleum of Roman emperor Diocletian (the oldest cathedral building in the world). Cathedral is also a very beautiful mixture of Roman temple and Catholic church. It also has a beautiful belltower which provides you a great panoramic view of Split, nearby islands and Marjan hill. It was nearly destroyed during a Serbian army attack on Split in November 1991 when rocket missed cathedral for just a few meters.

  • Peristil square (Peristylium) - Main square of Diocletian's palace with well preserved Roman architecture.

  • Jupiter's temple - Ancient Roman temple which became St. John's church.

  • Two original Egyptian sphinxes- One is located on Peristil square, and the other in front of Jupiter's temple or St. John's church. They were brought from Egypt by Roman emperor Diocletian.

  • Riva is the main city promenade. Since 2007. Riva has a new, "modern" look, which is not accepted by most of the people.

  • Marjan - a hill situated on the west of Split. Marjan is an oasis for many people who look for a natural stress relief, a great place for long walks, jogging, and bike rides. Marjan's peak, Telegrin is 174 m high and gives a wonderful panoramic view of Split. South cliffs are popular within alpine climbers. St. Nicholas church is situated on the east of Marjan, on it's south side are beautiful St. Jeronimus church and "Gospe od Betlema" church(Madonna of Betlehem). House building is strictly forbidden in order to save Marjan - the lungs of Split.

  • Varoš - one of the oldest parts of town. A place where lived most of the city peasants and fishermen. Charming streets and and beautiful small houses.

  • Galerija Meštrović - gallery contains works of Ivan Meštrović, famous Croatian sculptor.

  • Archaeological Museum - the oldest museum in Croatia(1820.), about 20 minutes walk north of the old town (entry 20 kn). Many artefacts and monuments from Roman colonies Salona and Narona.

  • Salona - ancient Roman colony, one of the biggest towns of Roman Empire. It had a population of nearly 60000 people. It was a capital of Roman province Dalmatia. Well preserved amphitheater, theater, basilica, cemetery and many other Roman buildings. Situated near town of Solin, 10 minutes bus ride from Split.

  • Poljud stadium, Poljud stadium known to locals as

  • Getski vrtal, is the smallest park in Split, situated in the Diocletian palace, Dominisova street. In that park are beautiful traditional dalmatian tiramolas witch are full of locals clothes during the summer. In every guidebook about Split you have pictures from the Getski vrtal.

  • Old graveyards, Sustipan and Old jewish cemetery

Things to do

  • Sunbathe on the beach at Bacvice. To reach this beach walk along the waterfront and follow the road that crosses the railway line and there you will be. There are many cafes and places to eat ice cream. This is certainly not the best beach in Croatia (it is packed solid most of summer), but it will give you a feeling of 'real' Croatia as the vast majority of people who go there are from Split. There are beaches on the north side of Split, a 30 minute walk to Marjan hill. These beaches are much less busy than Bacvica. However they face the industrial zone and this somewhat detracts from the beautiful pine forests they they are situated in.

  • Climb the campanile bell tower next to the palace mausoleum. The stairs cling to the inside of the tower, and in places the steps cross the large open window spaces. The ascent is certainly not for those with vertigo, but the views from the top are marvelous. It costs only 10 kuna to go up the bell tower.

  • Diocletian palace tour The historic core of Split with Diocletian palace is among the first urban complexes to enter the list of the UNESCO world heritage in year 1979. Most probably this one of a kind Imperial Palace was built from 298. till 305. AD. and it is one of the most significant original structures of the late ancient architecture mostly because of it’s preservation. Later this Palace contributed to the broadening of town because the city evolved on its walls. The unique substructure halls were newley explored and each year they show more to the public. The Cellars of the Palace are pearl of wonders with many fascinating artifacts displayed there and that is why we guide you in basement halls! Time: May - October - 10.00, 12.00, 19.00 November - April - 11.00 Duration: 90 min Language: English, Starts: in front of the tourist info center (15 min before tour)

  • Green Market (Pazar), Any traveller worth their salt wants to get real and rub elbows with some of the locals and Split's Pazar is the place to go to satisfy that desire. Jump in and join in the hubbub going on, all dedicatet to good ol' small scale market capitalism. The buying and selling frenzy involves a variety of wares such as fruits and veggies, clothing and other odds and ends.


Majority of sailing charters start from the city of Split. There are many charter agencies where you can charter a sailing or motor yacht which are based in Split. Most of them operate from ACI marina Split, marina Zenta or marina Spinut. There are also many charter agencies based in marina Kastela which is based in the vicinity of Split. When you charter a yacht through charter agency and arrive to designated marina there are a few things that need to be done. The most important thing is the yacht check in (usually Saturday around 04:00 PM). Take your time doing yacht check in. Familiarize yourself with the chartered yacht and with the yacht equipment. The rule of thumb is: the more time you take for the yacht check in, the less time you will need for the yacht check out.

After that you have to do the shopping for the charter vacation. Don't neglect the groceries shopping because the sea is unpredictable and you don't want to get stuck on the boat without anything to eat or drink. You can do the shopping in a marina (although the prices are usually much higher there) or you can order from yacht provisioning services who usually deliver the products to the marina at no extra fee. In Jam Yacht Supply online provisioning catalog you can order from a large selection of groceries and other products months in advance and everything you order awaits for you in the marina. This is convenient because it takes the load of you and the things you must do when you arrive at the marina for your sailing holiday.

  • Gajeta Falkusa Comeza Lisboa Tied-up on the waterfront promenade (the riva) is a small Dalmatian wooden fishing boat. It is one of the few remaining traditional boats. Day tours are available to Brac Island and a sunset cruise is also offered. It is an excellent way to discover the 'true' Adriatic Sea for those spending a short time in Split.

  • Sailtosee Croatia Boat Charter . Charter Broker in Split


For those tourists lacking an adventurous soul, the city of Split possesses two McDonald's restaurants. However, they are completely and effortlessly outclassed by a host of old family run restaurants, bars and cafés ranging from the sophisticated to the quaint and rustic.

Italian influences dominate on Croatia's coast, amongst the best are; Risotto with tender white scampi or black calamari, a dish beloved by all Croatians. Ćevapi or Ćevapčići (diminutive), are small grilled rolls of minced beef, pork, or lamb, or a combination of any of these three. Usually served with chopped onions, or cottage cheese / Ajvar (a relish made from bell peppers, aubergines, garlic and chilli), Ćevapi are popular across the Balkans. A wide selection of salami's, Istrian and Dalmatian hams (comparable to Parma or Speck) and cheese from the island of Pag, are well worth trying, as are the large varieties of excellent Croatian wines and beers. Please note; in a world suffocating under the weight of processed foods, Croatia's coastal cuisine is quite unique in that most of its produce is organic.

Split's eateries are to be found in a variety of settings, ranging from the romantic to the vibrant. It isn’t difficult to enjoy superb food and wine in a classical environment with good friends and/or family.

Plenty of fast food joints between the Old Town and the bus station.

  • Nostromo, Kraj Svete Marije 10, Just off Marmontova, Good seafood and salad in a rather smoky ambient with friendly service

  • Picaferaj, Popovica 2, A block W from Trg Republike, Varied menu, a couple of outside tables

  • Cetina, 021/482 243, Radunica 16, Varied menu including local specialities, good value, friendly service (English spoken), no credit cards

  • Kod Joze, +385 21 347 397, Sredmanuska 4, The traditional family-run **konoba** serves tasty dishes in style. Prices very reasonable considering the quality and atmosphere.

  • Panchos, Nepotova 3, Shockingly good mexican place in the land of cevapcici. Staff is friendly, the place is nice, but a bit small.

  • Buffet Picaferaj, popovica 2, Small side street restaurant run by a young married couple, incredible food at a very fair price. Pasta with Prawns and mussels is only 70 Kohna.


Lots of outdoor cafés along the Riva (seafront), one of them

  • St Rita, also has an upper story that overlooks the promenade.

  • Shook, Mihovilova sirina 4, In the heart of Old Town, Chill out cafe/bar with electronic beat in a busy passageway

  • Gaga Bar, Tucked away in a corner, just off Narodni Trg, Cosy atmosphere, long list of cocktails, latin music.

  • Tonik Juice Bar, Ban Mladenova 5, One block W of Riva's end, Fresh made juices, smoothies, coffee. Varied.

  • Buffet Picaferaj, Popovica 2 , A small restaurant on a side street that serves incredible fresh seafood dishes for a very fair price. Run by a young married couple. Pasta with fresh prawns and mussels is only 70 Kohna (11 euros)

  • Na kantunu , Dominisova 9


There is a wide variety of private accommodation available in Split, as well as a few hostels. Some of the best prices can probably be obtained by going to the bus station or ferry terminal and haggling with the many people there offering accommodation - even fairly late at night, there are still many people offering beds. The "AK Tours" travel agency at the bus station has a range of private rooms on offer, starting from 180 Kn for a single room with shared bath.


  • Al's Place, Kruziceva, 10 (inside the city walls), Tel+385 98 918-2923, , . A great hostel (and the first in Split) run by a British x-pat named Al, a guy who is passionate about travel and wants his guests to get the most from their stay in Split.He even goes out for a beer with them sometimes The hostel is in an 800 year old stone house inside the city walls, small and cozy with only 12 beds in 2 dorms, each with bathroom. There is also kitchen (for guests), and common area, air-con, and laundry, beds are from €14-€19 They also offer private rooms and apartments.

  • Diocletian's Rooms - Split , 00385 91 3332206, Poljana kraljice Jelena 2, Rooms with amazing view on Peristil. All rooms feature air conditioning and free internet access.

Mid range

  • Apartments and rooms Djanovic, 00385917636916 and 0038521347785, Dominisova 9, ( Djanovic is nice and friendly place located within the Diocletian palace, the historical heart of the city, just meters away from the Cathedral of St. Duje, and 3 minutes walk from the city's most popular (sand) beach Bačvice, city's main bus station (for airport bus also),train station and ferry port.Apartments and rooms from 20 euros per person.

  • Apartment Split, Dvornikova 7, 00 385 (0)98 858141, Apartment in the center of city, close to Roman Diocletian palace and 300 m from the famous sandy beach. Includes two rooms, kitchen and bathroom with WC+ balcony. Has CATV connection.

  • Apartments Galija ,Podstrana, Poljičkih knezova 24, + 385 (0)98 423 013, , . Private accommodation in new apartments, for up to 7 persons, SAT-TV, WLAN.

  • Apartments Gajeta, Domilijina 2, 00 385 (0)21 394449, Apartments in the very center of Split, 80 m from the new Riva and only 50 m from the Diocletian´s palace. apartments for 2, 3 and 4 persons, newly decorated, with SAT-tv, DVD and wireless internet.

  • Click Split Apartments, Senjska 2, 00 385 (0)98 9773633, Large selection of self catering apartments in Split, Croatia.

  • Pension Dalmacija , Split, Podstrana, Cesta Mutogras 5, + 385 (0)21 330 417, , . Private accommodation apartments and studio apartments.

  • Studio Loza , Split, Palmina 21, + 44 (0)20 8505 4292, , . Studio Apartment in old part of town, 2 minutes from Riva. Sleeps 2+2, Large private terrace, courtyard garden. Wi-Fi.


  • Hotel Atrium Domovinskog rata 49a, tel. +385 (0)21 200000, fax +385 (0)21 200100 .

  • Hotel Park Hatzeov perivoj 3, tel. +385 21 406400, fax +385 (0)21 406401 .

  • Hotel San Antonio Grljevacka 30, Podstrana, 21312,7 km towards Dubrovnik, on the right hand side, right on the beach, +38521336111,, fax +38521335348 .

  • Le Méridien Lav, Split Grljevacka, 2A, Podstrana, 21312, tel. +385 21 500500 .

  • Hotel Dalmina , Split, Kopilica 5, tel. +385 (0)21 35 00 00, fax +385 (0)21 35 00 01 .



Also checkout the little market, on main exit from the Palace to the harbor, for affordable local art and crafts.

A large shopping mall called Joker was opened in October 2007.

Large food market is situated west from the palace. It offers fresh fruits and vegetables.

Stay healthy

Split-Dent offers dental treatment to tourists.


Internet access

  • There are several Internet cafés by the harbor - just north of the train station - one of which provides Ubuntu Linux.

Get out

  • A day trip by boat to Hvar island is well worth the effort. Boats leave five times a day in peak season (July–August), three times a day outside this period (a single trip cost about 42kn to Stari Grad on Hvar). Hvar town is small but extremely attractive, with numerous large yachts moored in the harbour. Beware the extortionate daily left luggage charge of 40kn (June 2006).

An alternative could be the boat to the island of Brac which is just the other side of the water. Boats leave up to 10 times daily and it takes you 1 hour to Supetar (last ferry back to Split leaving at 22h45). Try renting a bike or scooter for exploring the island! When renting, take into account that the rental service normally closes rather early but when you ask for it, they are quite flexible as most people are in Split. A return ferry ticket should cost about 70kn and has no time restrictions within the same day.

  • Krka Waterfalls (Slapovi Krke). St.Jacobs Cathedral.

  • Dubrovnik

  • Omiš

  • Međugorje

  • Plitvice lakes (Plitvička jezera)

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