Surfing at Jeffrey's Bay- South Africa
photo by Gemma Longman


Also known as J-Bay, the town is famous for surfing, white sand beaches and an abundance of sea shells. The town became popular with surfers after the 1966 movie Endless Summer.

The Jeffreys Bay region is renowned for its gorgeous beaches, never ending summers, plentiful shells and is best known as “the Surf Mecca of the World”. The beautiful beaches are safe for bathing and provide endless excitement for water sports. Not far from Jeffreys Bay lies the charming town of St Francis Bay. It is known for its endemic white houses with either black tile or thatch roofs blending together with the Sardinian-style red tile roofs. Approximately half of the town is built around the largest web of manmade canals and waterways in Africa. Adjacent to St Francis Bay is the pastoral fishing village of Cape St Francis with its outstanding beach and historic Seal Point Lighthouse while Port St Francis is the harbour. Visit Oyster Bay, a town that caters for those who enjoy quiet time and relaxation. Explore this district with its beautiful beaches, rich wildlife and adventures - surf the waves or swim with dolphins, there is something for everyone in this picturesque and breathtaking Jeffreys Bay area.

2km south of the town is Marina Martinique, a development on 5km of manmade saltwater canals. 2.5 km north of the town is the beautiful valley of Kabeljousriver with its waterfall. These are good places to stay if you like a bit more peace and quiet than accommodation in town can offer. Aston Bay borders on Marina Martinique and if you cross the causeway over the lagoon, you will enter into Paradise Beach. Paradise Beach is still relatively undeveloped with many kilometers of unspoiled beaches all the way to St Francis.

Ocean temperatures are around 23°C in summer

Jeffreys Bay Tourism , + 27 (0)42 293-2923, + 27 (0)42 293-2923

Getting there

By car

Follow the N2 West from Port Elizabeth (75km) or the N2 East from Garden Route and use the turn off to Jeffreys Bay. Jeffreys Bay is 876km from Durban and 356km from East London.

By bus

The BazBus stops on its way from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth in J-Bay and there are a number of intercity bus companies who are stopping in Jeffreys Bay.

By shuttle

  • St Francis Bay Airport Shuttle services, +27 (0)78 499-4027, This cab service travels betweenPort Elizabeth airport, Jeffreys and St Francis Bay and transport tourists in and around the various towns and establishments.

  • J-Bay Cabs, +27 (0)83 611-1003, Offers shuttle service between Port Elizabeth airport Jeffreys Bay and St Francis Bay, also offers transport in and around town.

By plane

  • The nearest domestic airport is the , which is approximately 75km away.

  • The nearest international airport is the which is approximately 650km away.

Traveling around

By foot

You can easily walk around in town. Most places you want to be are centered around Da Gama Road, the main beach and Supertubes.

By bike

  • Bicycle Hire, +27 (0)72 237-7422, As the name says.

By car

  • Imperial Car Rental, +27 (0)42 296-2897, Magnatubes, Da Gama Road, For cars and beach buggies.

By taxi

  • J-Bay Cabs, ☎ +27 (0)83 611-1003. Need to get around Town or to local attractions call Shane for friendly reliable taxi service. Available 24/7


  • Jeffreys Bay Surf Museum, +27 (0)84 240-1741, The Jeffreys Bay Surf Museum is situated inside the QuicksilverShop, where the history of surfing in Jeffreys Bay is displayed by way of newspaper clippings, articles, old magazines, ancient surfboards and lots of other interesting objects.

  • Jeffreys Bay Shell Museum, +27 (0)42 293-1945, +27 (0)42 293-1945, M-Sa 9AM-4PM, Su 9AM-1PM, J-Bay is well known for the huge quantity and the quality of shells that can be found on the beaches. A good book to use as a guide is **The Sea Shells of Jeffreys Bay** by Douw and Elise Steyn (**ISBN 0-620-24008-3, Eldolise Publishers,**). There is an annual **Shell Festival** in September and a lovely Shell Museum on the corner of **Drommedaris** and **Da Gama** Roads.

  • Aston Bay, Situated between Jeffreys Bay and Paradise Beach, this area offers long stretches of untouched sandy beaches surrounded by protected nature reserves. Sightings of small buck, tortoises, a large variety of birds, rabbits and mongoose are part of every day life in this nature conservancy and the creatures are much loved by local home-dwellers.

  • Humansdorp , +27 (0)42 295-1361, The pleasant town of Humansdorp can be found en route to Plettenburg Bay from Port Elizabeth. The Kouga Cultural Centre is a famous attraction due to its symbolism and portrayal of the African Renaissance.

  • Oyster Bay, What originally started off as a coastal farm before 1956, has since evolved into the small coastal town called Oyster Bay. Found 14km west of St Francis Bay, activities such as swimming, as well as rock, deep sea and surf fishing can all be enjoyed in this seaside town.

  • Paradise Beach, Paradise Beach promises a relaxing day on a pristine white beach, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. The name itself, explains it all…it really feels like paradise. Because of its wide and uncrowded beach, it’s also a paradise for windsurfers and kite boarders with good wind all year round.

  • Cape St. Francis , The charming holiday town of St Francis Bay is known for its endemic white houses with black roofs, either tile or thatch, together with Sardinian-style red tile roofs. It is set around the astonishing Marina canals, offers a delightful escape from the pressures of daily life, in a haven of peace and tranquility. Enjoy the glorious beaches, excellent water-sports, a leisurely lifestyle and the magical beauty of its unspoilt surroundings.

  • St. Francis Bay , +27 (0)42 294-0076, Cape St. Francis is renowned for its peace and tranquility. Nonetheless, surfers from all over the world flock to this coastal town in hopes of surfing a wave at the popular Seal Point. There are a number of nature reserves in the area, and another key attraction for the town is its lighthouse, which was established in 1878 and has since been declared a national monument.

Things to do

The enthralling Jeffreys Bay boasts gorgeous blue flag beaches with plentiful shells - safe for bathing, water sports and fishing. The best beaches fro sunbathing and swimming are Dolphin Beach (the main beach) and Kabeljous-on-Sea. The best surfing location is the Super Tubes, home to the perfect wave. Other spots include the Boneyards, Kitchen Windows, Magna Tubes, Point and Albatross.The area offers everything from kite surfing on the Seekoei and Kabeljouws rivers to regular kite flying and a myriad of other water sports, including canoeing, sea kayaking, scuba diving and even some great angling from the rocks or out at sea. Game drives, mountain and quad biking and hot air balloon safaris are but some of the other exciting options to consider.


Be a spectator at the annual Billabong Pro surfing competition, watch surfers at Supertubes all year round or hit the waves yourself. With numerous surf schools, surf shops and surfboard manufacturers based in the town, there is no excuse not to learn.

  • Jeffreys Bay Surf Trips, , Daily surf lessons, safari, visit to a surfboard shaper, accommodation, food - All-in Surf Package.

  • Jeffreys Bay Surf School, +27 (0)42 293-4214 or +27 (0)82 324-7284, +27 (0)42 293-4214 or +27 (0)82 324-7284, Wetsuit and board is supplied.

  • Kahuna Surfing Acadamy , +27 (0)21 783-4965, +27 (0)21 783-4965

  • South Coast Surf School & Swim Club, +27 (0)42 293-2923, +27 (0)42 293-2923, Wetsuit and board is supplied.

  • Ubuntu Surf Co. , 27 (0)42 296-0376, 8 Cherry Street,Wavecrest,, Offers excellent surf lessons with the highly recommended Andrew Moon & Wavecrest Surf Academy. Guided surf tours are available for the JBay & St Francis area, plus longer trips going as far as Cape Town and the Garden Route.


A number of companies offer deep sea fishing charters. Most of the boats operate from nearby St Francis.

  • J-Bay Fishing, +27 (0)83 300-3200, Shop 7, Flauna Building, Goedehoop street, All gear will be supplied.

  • Boat Milady – Deep sea fishing charters., +27 (0)42 293-1896, +27 (0)42 293-1896, Whether you are into reef, river, estuary, deep sea or coastal fishing there are plenty of incredible locations to choose from within the Jeffreys Bay area

  • Bluewater Fishing Charters, +27 (0)42 293-1928


  • Jeffreys Bay Golf Club, +27 (0)42 293-2532, +27 (0)42 293-2532, 9 Hole (18 tee) Golf Course

  • Swartenbosch Golf Club in Humansdorp, +27 (0)42 291-0569, +27 (0)42 291-0569, 9 Hole (18 tee) Golf Course

  • Swartenbosch Golf Club in Humansdorp , +27 (0)82 822-5315, Come and enjoy the fruits of the first Wine Estate in the Eastern Cape, Cob Creek. Situated up the Kabeljous River Valley on the outskirts of Jeffreys Bay. Your tasting can be accompanied with a great meal from our restaurant, or a browse around the wine shop.

Horse, hiking & mountain biking trails

There are a number of small nature reserves in the area, such as the Kabeljous Nature Reserve, which is a walk-about reserve with a safe beach for swimming and excellent fishing spots, as well as bird watching. The reserve includes a 4 kilometre hiking trail and its own flock of pink flamingoes (when in season). Nature lovers can also enjoy the Noorsekloof Nature Reserve, which runs through a popular residential area. Here you can look out for small buck and many birds while walking the 3 kilometre trail running alongside the stream, while breathing in the magnificent fragrances of indigenous fynbos. The Seekoei River Nature Reserve, situated on the Seekoei River estuary, is a bird watcher’s paradise with hides overlooking the river. For the energetic, Jeffreys Bay can also be explored from the seat of a rented mountain bike. There are some exciting places to visit of which the waterfall, located just outside of town, is perhaps one of the best. The natural pools are refreshing to say the least, while the waterslide and cliffs from which to jump off is perfect entertainment for the more adventurous.

  • Beach Horse Rides Papiesfontein , +27 (0)82 574-9396

  • Kouga Quad Adventures , +27 (0)82 921-1390

  • Mountain Bike Tours , +27 (0)83 661 5393


  • All Africa Volunteers , +27 (0)72 237-7422, +27 (0)72 237-7422, While enjoying Jeffreys Bay why not help with the upliftment of the local community by donating your time to volunteer projects, teach local kids to surf, work with street children and families affected by AIDS. These projects are great fun and the reward even better.

  • Jay Bay Sandboarding, +27 (0)42 296-2974 or +27 (0)72 294-8207, +27 (0)42 296-2974 or +27 (0)72 294-8207, They also offer sandboarding on the dunes in neighboring Aston Bay.

  • Lombardini Game Farm , +27 (0)42 293-2073, +27 (0)42 293-2073, Game drives and horse rides.



The best budget breakfast has to be the Breakfast Pie.

  • Spence's Pies, +27 (0)42 293-0630, Seaview Pick 'n Pay Centre, St Francis Road, Try their **breakfast pies**, filled with scrambled eggs, bacon and tomato.


Restaurants are plentiful, Le Grotto and De Visvijf in town are well worth a visit.

  • 20 Pepper Street, +27 (0)42 293-1728, 20 Pepper Street

  • Aston Arms, +27 (0)42 292-0792, Dolphin Drive, Excellent Portuguese fare. Have a beer with Manual.

  • Cafe Portofino, +27 (0)42 293-2443

  • Castaways, Dance and spit Braai's.

  • De Visvijf, +27 (0)42 293-3921, Open Monday to Sunday from 9AM to 3PM and Monday to Saturday from 5PM till late, 55 Diaz Road, Seafood and steaks.

  • Dulce, +27 (0)42 296-2078, Spar Centre, Da Gama Str, Ice cream and coffee bar.

  • Parklane Restaurant, +27 (0)42 293-2621

  • Potters Place , +27 (0)42 293-2500, +27 (0)42 293-2500, 18 Oosterland Str, Good food and life shows.

  • Sunflower Restaurant & Coffee Shop, +27 (0)42 293-1682 content=

  • Tampa Bay Spur , +27 (0)42 293-4206, Time Square Building, A South African restaurant chain, good steaks.

  • The Mexican Restaurant & Coctail Bar, +27 (0)42 293-2966, 19A Da Gamma Road

  • Wimpy, +27 (0)42 293-1727

For something completely relaxed and different, try the Walskipper or Tappas restaurants at Marina Martinique. Both have beach sand floors and a casual atmosphere. Be prepared to be served in tin plates and mugs at Walskipper; no glass or ceramics are used as broken shards in the sand will pose a serious hazard.

  • Walskipper , +27 (0)42 292-0005, +27 (0)42 292-0005, Open 12AM to 10PM every day content=, Clapton Beach, Marina Martinique

  • Tapas Lapa Seaside, +27 (0)83 510-1579, On the beach at Marina Martinique

Fast food

All local and international fast-food franchises are present in J-Bay. There are also numerous excellent seafood takeaways, most notably Die Vismantjie

  • Die Vismandjie, +27 (0)42 293-1241, 110 Da Gama Road, Probably the best fish takeaways in South Africa

  • Chicken King, +27 (0)42 293-3908, Salamader St, Chicken burgers and party platters. Cheap, but not good food. Avoid or buy a single burger first to test for yourself.

  • Debonairs, +27 (0)42 293-3398, 30 Da Gama Road, Part of the **Steers** group. American style Pizza's so don't expect a thin base, but their toppings are good. Free delivery

  • Die Kospot, +27 (0)42 293-4320, 110 Da Gama Road, Homestyle cooked meals.

  • El-Nino Pizza, +27 (0)42 293-3679

  • Fishermans Seafood & Take Aways, +27 (0)42 293-3579, Seaview Pick 'n Pay Centre, St Francis Road

  • Steers, +27 (0)42 293-1919, 30 Da Gama Road, A South African burger chain. Very good value for money. Try their hero steakrolls.

You can have almost all fast foods delivered by making use of Mr Delivery

  • Mr. Delivery, +27 (0)42 293-3004, Open 11AM to 9:30PM, They will accept food orders and deliver it to your door from most fast food outlets and restaurant that do not deliver themselves. Pick up one of their booklets from most fast food outlets.


  • Jarinda Butchery, +27 (0)42 293-2388, 4 Goedehoop Str, Excellent braai chops.


The main swimming beach, Dolphin Beach, is an Alcohol Free Zone.

There are many pubs and two nightclubs in town. Sadly Tritons no longer exists as a new holiday apartment development has replaced it.

  • The Mexican, +27 (0)42 293-2966, Tu-Su 12PM till late, 19A Da Gama Road, Above Country Feeling Surf Shop, A Mexican themed Restaurant. Live music and the party can get quite intense with people ending up dancing on the tables by early morning.

  • Havana, Above the Spur in the Time Square building, Lively nightclub next to the beach. Moved from their old location to this spot.

  • Sovereign, Da Gama road, Sports bar and nightclub.


J-Bay caters for all kinds of accommodation. Backpacking hostels, caravan and camping, bed and breakfast, self catering and hotels can all be found.


  • Aston Bay Caravan Park, +27 (0)82 637-5737, Dolphin Drive, Aston Bay content=

  • Jeffreys Bay Caravan Park, +27 (0)42 200-2241

  • Kabeljous Caravan Park, +27 (0)42 293-3300, 33 Da Gama Road

  • Pelrus Caravan Park, +27 (0)42 200-2283


  • Indi Africa Backpackers, +27 (0)82 464-3111, +27 (0)82 464-3111, 25 Spekboon Str, 200m from the sea, TV, Pool and bar.

  • Island Vibe Backpackers , +27 (0)42 293-1625, +27 (0)42 293-1625, 10 Dageraad Street, On the beach. They will collect you in Jeffreys Bay or Humandorp free of charge, collection from the airport in Port Elizabeth is charged at R200.

  • J Bay Lodge (Backpackers and Volunteers) , +27 (0)83 661 5393, +27 (0)83 661 5393, 5 Schelde Street, Centrally situated, 200m from main beach and town centre. Breakfast and Internet available.

  • Jeffreys Bay Backpackers , +27 (0)42 293-1379, +27 (0)42 293-1379, 12 Jeffrey Street The oldest and nicest Backpackers in town.

  • Surfpackers at Supertubes, +27 (0)42 293-2671, 9 Pepper Str content=

  • Ubuntu Backpackers , +27 (0)42 296-0376, +27 (0)42 296-0376, 8 Cherry Street, Overlooking the surf. Free breakfast, free internet.


  • Jeffreys Bay Holiday Resort, +27 (0)42 293-1330, Dromdaris Str


  • 3 Pepper Street (a) , +27 (0)79 663-4928, +27 (0)79 663-4928, 3 Pepper Street, Self- catering house, 10m from supers, 3 double bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, fire place.

  • A1 Bay View , +27 (0)42 296-1845, 27 Chestnut Ave , Great value tranquil setting off main rd, stunning sea views and only 500m to the beach.

  • Artist's Paradise (Guest farm) , +27 (0)42 293-2108, +27 (0)42 293-2108, A 7 min drive to Jeffeys Bay and the beach

  • Bay Cove Inn, +27 (0)42 296-2291, +27 (0)42 296-2291, 1 Poplar Str

  • Barbiers Bliss, +27 (0)42 296-1867 (+27 (0)82 722-0906), +27 (0)42 296-1867, 1 Akasia Str, Self Catering

  • Beach Cabanas , +27 (0)42 293-2820 (+27 (0)83 286-8904), +27 (0)42 293-2820, 118 Da Gama Str

  • Diaz 15, +27 (0)42 293-1779, 15 Diaz Str, Beachfront holiday apartments

  • Dolphin View , +27 (0)72 237-7422, +27 (0)72 237-7422, 30 Dogwood Rd, 3 Star, stunning indoor pool

  • Greystone Guest House , +27 (0)42 296-0616, +27 (0)42 296-0616, 11 Mopani st

  • Marina Martinique B&B , +27 (0)42 292-0000, On the marina canals.

  • Moya Manzi Beach House , +27 (0)42 292-0780, +27 (0)42 292-0780

  • Pinnaquin Holiday Apartments , +27 (0)42 296-1111 (+27 (0)82 823-4662), +27 (0)42 296-1111, cnr Noorsekloof & Leadwood Str

  • Savoy Hotel, +27 (0)42 293-2445, +27 (0)42 293-2445, 16 Da Gama Str

  • Stratos Guest House, +27 (0)42 293-1116, 11 Uys Str

  • Sea Whisper B&B , +27 (0) 82 489 9114, +27 (0) 82 489 9114

  • Stratos Guest House, +27 (0)42 293-1116, 11 Uys Str

  • Supertubes Guest House , +27 (0)42 293-2957, +27 (0)42 293-2957, 10/12 Pepper Street, Four star rating.

  • Surf In Self Catered Apartments , +27 (0)42 296-0616, +27 (0)42 296-0616, 2 Pepper St

  • Tollies B&B, +27 (0)42 293-4452 (+27 (0)82 324-3240), +27 (0)42 293-4452, 26 Jeffreys Str

  • Waterside Lodge, +27 (0)42 292-0003, 2 and 3 bedroom units on the Marina Martinique canals and 100m from the beach, Walskipper and Tappas.


  • House Pinnaquin , +27 (0)42 296-0008, +27 (0)42 296-0008, 2 Leadwood Str


Most shops and businesses are along the main road (Da Gama Street) or concentrated around the small main town area.

Surf gear

J-Bay is a good place to have a custom board shaped, as a number of surfboard manufacturers have made the town their home.

  • Jeffreys Bay Custom Surfboards, , Order your custom shaped surf board online, just as you want it ! International shipping !

  • Rebel Surfboards, +27 (0)42 293-4410, Surfboard shapers and manufacturer.

  • Glen D'Arcy, +27 (0)42 293-2204, +27 (0)42 293-2204, 33 Jeffreys Str, Locally manufactured Classic J-Bay designs as well as imported NSP and Sunset Softboards.


There are many shops selling surfer wear and this is the place to buy an exclusive Billabong or Quicksilver outfit. Apart from the retail stores, there are also surf brand factory stores where you can find great surf gear at bargain prices.

  • Billabong Concept Store, +27 (0)42 200-2672, 1a Da Gama Road

  • Billabong Surf Shop, +27 (0)42 200-2640, Magnatubes, Da Gama Road

  • Country Feeling Store, +27 (0)42 200-2611, 19 Da Gama Road

  • J-Bay Surf Co., +27 (0)42 200-2617, Shop 4, Flauna Building, cnr Goodehoop and Da Gama

  • Surfer Girl, +27 (0)42 200-2639, Shop 1, Wavecrest Centre, 126 Da Gama Road

Gift shops

  • Shell Bay Blue, +27 (0)42 293-4409

  • , +27 (0)42 293-3967

Stay healthy

  • Dr. J.S. Bouwer, +27 (0)42 293-1244, Dentist.

  • Dr. Jan Nagtegaal, +27 (0)42 293-1166, Doctor.

  • Finmed Pharmacy, +27 (0)42 293-1024 fax=, Seaview Pick 'n Pay Centre, St Francis Road

  • Private Care Ambulances, +27 (0)42 291-0749, +27 (0)42 291-0749, 22 Kemp Str, Humansdorp

  • Private Hospital, +27 (0)42 295-1100, Humansdorp, The closest Hospital is located about 20km away in the town of Humansdorp.


Robberies of tourists and less careful locals are becoming more frequent. Be careful when walking alone on the beach, or while walking in town at night. Do not leave valuables visible in your car. Xenophobic attacks have happened in 2008, affecting local Somalians. Be careful when traveling along the road between Jeffreys Bay and Aston Bay at night, as pedestrians do cross without warning between the small informal settlements on both sides of this road. Also watch out for stray animals on the road.

  • At the closest airport, get directions and information from marked information counters

  • Stay alert and keep an eye on your valuables and luggage at all times

  • Use only registered and qualified tour guides. Contact tourism offices for a list of qualified tour guides

Important phone numbers

  • National Sea Rescue Institute(NSRI), +27 (0)42 294-0131 or 082-911

  • Police, 10111 or +27 (0)42 293-1133

  • Fire Brigade, +27 (0)42 291-0283

  • Ambulance, 10177 or +27 (0)42 293-1311


For contact details for food and groceries, vehicles, home services, liquor, medical practitioners, nurseries & garden services, pharmacy, professional, cleaning, legal services, photography, security, timber decks, housing, health and beauty call the local or international telephone directory.

Local telephone directory: 1023

International telephone directory: 10903

There are a number of internet cafes in town. Some offer wifi access and some are equipped for Skype calls.

  • Atlantic Internet Cafe , +27 (0)42 293-2399, +27 (0)42 293-2399, Open 8AM to 6PM Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM on Saturday and 9AM to 4PM on Sundays, 18 Da Gama Road, Wifi available.


  • Cornerstone Laundromat & Coffee Shop, +27 (0)42 296-0732

  • Heathwise Gym, +27 (0)42 293-3545


  • Baptist Church , +27 (0)42 296-3290, Dolly Varden Street, near to Caltex Wavelands, A loving, warm family church. Services at 8.30am and 6.00pm. Coffee lounge at 5.00pm - All welcome. Kidz Klub on Friday nights for Primary School children. July holidays - Holiday Club.

  • Catholic Church, +27 (0)42 291-1262

  • Presbyterian Church, +27 (0)42 296-2545

  • Victory Church

  • St Francis Bay is another popular surfing spot.

  • Go to Port Elizabeth (75km to the east) and its attractions.

  • The Tsitsikamma National Park is worth a visit to relax a day.

  • The Gamtoos Valley and

    • See the Great Train Race during August or September where runners race The Apple Express stream trains from PE to Loerie.

    • Visit Hankey and see the grave of Sarah Baartman just outside the town and the largest sundial in Africa (36.4m in diameter).

    • Take a relaxing drive to Patensie and have breakfast at Tolbos.

Wildlife and game viewing is only a short drive away

  • Shamwari, +27 (0)42 203-1111, The Cape's premier Big 5 game reserve.

  • Addo Elephant Park, +27 (0)42 233-0556

  • African Dawn Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary, View several species of wildlife on the reserve 20 min from J Bay.

  • Addo

  • Baviaans

  • Grahamstown

  • Karoo

  • St Francis

  • Sunshine Coast

  • Tsitsikamma

Contact & location

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