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My favorite country in the world is Australia. My favorite city is Vena.
I speak English and a bit of Russian.

Napoli's dungeon I walked into the Roman church in a low-key way and chose to sit down in the front row. Others thought that I was a worshipper, but I knew I had another purpose. The believers bowed their heads to the Virgin Mary, and I noticed the dome of the church. The sun shines through the window on the dome. I see the ground in front of the Madonna. The sun shines on the ground. The hand of the Virgin Mary falls to the same place. At that time, I suddenly realized that the hints of the treasures that countless people were looking for were on the pattern on the ground. I left the church and ran to the train station. . . Three hours later, I stood at the entrance to the dungeon. On the left is a five-storey shophouse, on the right is a church, sandwiched in the middle of an inconspicuous little room. Here is the very lively street of Napoli. I saw the laughter of the children and heard the high-octave voice of the Italian women. No one expected that the small room would be the entrance to the Napoli. The treasure I am looking for is right under the ground here. I stood in the distance and watched it for a long time, knowing that the Italian Mafia had not found my whereabouts. I took a breath and walked to the hut. . . Haha! The above is just my fantasy! Italy is a place where everyone has a lot of creative inspiration. Let's be realistic! To enter this dungeon, you must give 9 euros for admission. There is a long-established underground city in Napoli. It was the place where people used to build stone houses. After the house was built, it became a place to take water. Later it became a storage room for people. In the Second World War, it was everyone’s air-raid shelter. . Walking into the dungeon, 42 meters from the ground, very humid, we can see the water when we speak. The biology department of Napoli University did experiments and planted some plants. It was only illuminated with light, so that plants could be used for photosynthesis. Plants could grow without watering. There is still a narrow road in the inside. I am so thin that I have to squeeze it. At the time of World War II, Napoli was the most bombarded city, and people at that time hid in this dark and damp underground. That fear is not something we can imagine. You and I are all living in a peaceful environment. These fears are not understandable. Very old-fashioned, I hope the world is peaceful. There is an alley next to the church on the right side of the underground city. We entered one of the small rooms, where there was an underground world that was not fully explored. It used to be a Roman theater, but after a few hundred years, it was buried. After that, people have forgotten the theater and built a house on it. Therefore, the residents there are not aware of their own feet, but they are actually a grand Roman theater. However, archaeologists have not continued to explore it. First, there is no economic sponsorship. Second, they are worried about the foundations that affect them. Therefore, we can only see the backstage of the theater and the small stage.

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Nevada, USA
Nevada, USA

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