La Grave- Île du Havre Aubert, Îles de la Madeleine
photo by Raymond Brow

Quebec's Îles-de-la-Madeleine (occasionally Magdalen Islands) are an island chain in the Gulf of St. Laurence, off the coast of New Brunswick.


Due to their isolation, these islands are relatively expensive to reach.

During the high tourist season (July-August) lodging can be expensive and booked out. Accommodation is often in rented cabins, bed and breakfasts are also available and often cheaper for 2 persons.

Camping is possible, however exposure to wind (given the lack of trees and proximity to the ocean)can make this unpleasant.

Prices for excursions and various tourist activities are variable but generally expensive, something to consider for the budget traveler.

Early September would be a wonderful time to visit this region.


Cap aux Meules is the main small town where most services are located

Getting there

  • Ferry from Souris, PEI, via CTMA reservation required

  • Weekly boat from Montréal, Québec and Chandler, Québec, via CTMA reservation required

  • Flights from Québec City, Montreal, and other cities (Air Canada Jazz)

Traveling around

While each island is quite small, the distances between them along the connecting dunes are greater and these areas are isolated. Cycling is possible, scooters can be rented, as well as automobiles, bus tours are available, taxis are quite expensive.


One of the best things about Îles-de-la-Madeleine is the fact that it is known as one of, if not the best, places for wind sports (like windsurfing and kiteboarding). So if you're not the one riding it is always fun to be the one watching.

Things to do

  • Beaches: amazing long sand dune beaches connect the islands, there are several to explore and walk on for hours

  • birdwatching: excursions are available, for example by boat to nearby Ile Brion.

  • windsurfing- rental available at l'istorlet, or bring your own

  • kitesurfing- courses from Aerosport, another company (ask at cafe les pas perdus in Cap-aux meules

  • sea kayaking- explore coastal cliffs, bays, and tunnels, one good place to rent is the Parc du Gros Cap, near Cap-aux-Meules

  • cycling- lots of places although some roads do not have paved shoulder. Wind can be a factor

  • hiking- several shore hikes possible near cliff-lined areas of the coast. However, stay away from the edges of cliffs as they are eroded, and are very dangerous (can collapse).

Winter activities

  • A popular activity is to observe young seals on the ice floes during winter. Other activities are being developed (i.e. sea kayaking).


Local fare

  • Seafood

  • Fresh lobster is available in early summer (June-July).

  • Smoked fish: herring, scallops, mackerel.

  • Pot-en-pot: seafood pie.

  • Loup-marin: seal (very strong tasting, similar to liver or wild game).


  • Café de la Grave, Island of Havre Aubert. Reasonable laid back café-bar. Great place to go for a beer in the afternoon.

  • Bistro Bout du Monde, Island of Havre Aubert. Excellent but very expensive

  • Boulangerie Fleur de Sable, Island of Havre Aubert, . Great bakery and restaurant.

  • Les Pas Perdus, Cap aux Meules. Popular restaurant-café-bar, good food, service variable.


There is a local brewery 'A l'abri de la tempete', which is located near Cap aux meules and can be visited (also has a nice pub). Their beers are very good: rousse(red), blonde(pale), blanche (wheat beer),noire (milk stout),and some special brews. Available on draft in certain restos such as Café de la Grave and Pas Perdus.


When visiting Îles-de-la-Madeleine if you speak even just a little bit of French everyone will be a lot more friendly and go out of their way to help you out more than they would if you spoke strictly English and no French at all.


All of Îles-de-la-Madeleine is pretty safe. Do not walk near the edges of cliffs as they are subject to erosion and collapse. Certain beaches can have strong and dangerous currents which may pull you away from shore.


Windswept chain of islands connected by sand dunes and beautiful beaches (cold water).

Contact & location

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