Niagara Falls State Park
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Rosanne Simon
Rosanne Simon

on Apr 26,2010

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Hi, I'm just back from the Niagara Falls, where I spent one night at ACBB Hostel (or Lyons House Hostel). Basically, I wish to inform you that I paid $25 for the night while others who had booked on-line only paid $15. When I tried to ask the receptionist Patrick why I had paid $25 instead of $15 like most of the other travelers, he became very snappy, and angry. And he ended up throwing back my whole cash at me, like trying to intimidate me and make me feel bad, as if I was the one who was wrong. Moreover, he did tell me "take back your money, and don't come back" in his anger, and I think that it's a very strong thing to say to a customer who has done nothing wrong. So, I asked him why he was getting so angry, that there was no need. Because I was actually very calm, and nice about it. So, in the end, I ended up walking away, and left the money behind. Because I wanted to pay for the night, but I wanted to pay the same fare than the others. He should have given me back $10, or nicely explained that there's a discount for people buying on-line. He said that people buying on-line had a better rate, but when I said "$10 difference?", he started becoming mad. And I mean it, very mad. I just think that I did not need this kind of attitude from a receptionist (who may be the owner of this hostel!!!). I know that this hostel has got very good reviews, but for me, it's definitely not the best customer service. And I have never seen any hostel receptionist becoming so snappy and angry in such little time. Is it the Canadian way of dealing with issues? Becoming angry for no reason, and intimidating their customers. So, anyway.... I did see the Niagara Falls. It was one of my dream to see them, and I did. But I paid hard the "price", I mean, the money is one thing, but the attitude was even worse. I think that Patrick was very low, mostly that a few more travelers probably heard a bit what we were saying. Furthermore, I don't understand why this hostel is so high-rated. There was no milk for breakfast, and no tea. But this may be normal in Canada? I don't know, but generally, there is milk with cereals, even with porridge. And I had to have breakfast while standing up i.e. there was nowhere to seat to have breakfast. So, if that's the best we can have in North America, I'm a bit surprised... Kind regards, Rosanne Simon

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