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Mali is a destination perhaps best known to the adventure holiday crowd who are in search of something other than a safari in Africa. The streets of the capital city of Bamako are filled with traders, noise and motorbikes, all surrounded by some unusual architecture and some striking landscapes. Whether visitors to the region come for the city, the desert, Timbuktu or just for business, the LAICO l'Amitié Bamako Hotel makes an attractive and reliable place to rest your head.

The LAICO l'Amitié Bamako Hotel is located in a private park in the Embassy district of Mali’s capital city and is fortunate enough to have been built so all the rooms have a view of the River Niger, making a room with a balcony perfect for watching the often spectacular African sunset. One hundred and ninety one rooms fill the imposing 5-star hotel, all of which are decorated pleasantly enough — Bamako is not exactly a hotbed of modern hotel design.

The hotel wears its business colors with pride, with wi-fi internet access and no end of business and conference facilities. Relaxation comes in the form of tennis courts and a golf course, a fitness room, a large outdoor swimming pool and a massage service. Nearby, guests can visit the National Museum and the busy market area. The LAICO l'Amitié Bamako Hotel has two restaurants on site, La Table Du Chef which serves gourmet French dishes and Le Djoliba which is located outside by the pool and serves more traditional African food.

How to get there:

LAICO l'Amitie is approximately 20 minutes from Bamako Senou Airport. The hotel runs a shuttle bus to and from the airport and taxis are also available.


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Avenue de la Marne


Fax: +223.221.4385

Phone: +223.221.4321

Website: http://www.tablethotels.com/LAICO-l-Amitie-Bamak..


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