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A Sphinx is a mythological figure, resembling a lion with a human head. The Sphinx in the Bucegi Mountains formed through aeolian erosion, over a long period of time. The first picture of this megalith dates back to 1900, but only in 1935 professor Alexandru Bădăuţă called it a sphinx.

The rocks from which the Sphinx is made formed during The Cretaceous, about 90-96 millions of years ago, and the erosion process took place after the Bucegi Mountains started to raise, about 10.000 years ago. Situated at an altitude of 2.216 meters, the easiest way to get there is by a 15 minutes ride with the gondola lift.

Many theories have weaved around the origin of the Sphinx. Some say that it is man made, others that they send out positive energy. Despite these theories, geologists say without a shadow of a doubt that the Sphinx was created due to wind and water erosion and through its shape it resembles an artistic sculpture.

This is a miracle of nature worth visiting.



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