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  • Photo of Samsara
  • Photo of Samsara
  • Photo of Samsara
  • Photo of Samsara
  • Photo of Samsara
  • Photo of Samsara
  • Photo of Samsara
  • Photo of Samsara
  • Photo of Samsara
  • Photo of Samsara
  • Photo of Samsara
  • Photo of Samsara
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Samsara, chill-out and tea house

In Buddhism, Hinduism and other related religions, Samsara is the cycle of reincarnation: birth, death and rebirth.
In Cluj Napoca , Samsara is a unique tea house where you take off your shoes before entering, sit on a comfy pillow on the floor and drink one of the best teas in the city. Although smoking is forbidden, different assortments of hookahs are available. The special ambient is completed by good services: the friendly waiters that seem to know very well what to recomand you. The electronic psy trance music has an energizing and almost hypnotizing effect on the listener.

Each room has a different theme but they all share a strong oriental vibe. There is also an ultraviolet lit room that creates a psychedelic atmosphere. This space recreates the galactic universe, giving you a different point of view in the greater scheme of things.

Samsara tea house is placed in an old house in an elegant neighborhood. Although it has been opened just recently, it quickly became very popular amongst lovers and became a refuge for many young locals. Samsara is more than a tea house, it is a complete experience for the body and mind.

Opening hours

Monday-Sunday: 14:00 - 02:00


(see bigger map)(see smaller map)
Strada Emil Racoviță nr.27

Cluj Napoca,Romania


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Feb 3, 2011
Rating: 5

I likedIs really nice

I dislikedNothing

Oct 4, 2010
Rating: 5

I likedI love the atmosphere. I love that not many people know about it. I like that you can lay down, and that it's really relaxing

I dislikedNothing

Aurel Vlaicu
Oct 4, 2010
Rating: 5

I likedGreat athmosphere. Very relaxing and intimate.

I dislikedNothing

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