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This innovative house project in Tokyo, designed by Shusaku Arakawa, a Japanese artist based in New York, and Madeline Gins is anything but comfortable and cozy. It was built in such a way to create an environment that stimulates senses and invigorates life. The building is structured by many spheres, cylinders and cubes stacked up like bricks. Before moving into one of these apartments, you will be given instructions on how to use it. The interior is designed so that people can experience body-activating slopes and bumps, sloped floors, hard to find switches and no closets.

The theory on which the concept is based is called "Reversible Destiny" which aims to change the mortal destiny of human beings through interaction with our surroundings. This innovative idea raises a question to the attitude of pursuing comfort blindly. Arakawa argues that this "makes you alert and awakens instincts, so you'll live better, longer and even forever."

When they first came out on the market, the selling price was $763,000. If you choose to rent one of these apartments with uneven floors, oddly positioned power switches and outlets, and if you don’t mind a transparent shower room, you will have to pay 220,000 and 250,000 yen ($2,000/$2,400) per month. But it's Tokyo! And look out New Jersey and Paris, Shusaku Arakawa plans similar complexes in your own town.



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